Move then play

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    An app to learn how to balance physical activity and time spent playing video games.

    Make commitments and track the time spent on physical activity and video games by everyone in your family. Get back on track!

    How does the app and the Move then Play powerplug work?


    Registration of the family and game settings selection

    Together, we decide how much time we will devote to video games during the week and the duration of the breaks between or during gaming sessions.


    Install the Move then Play adapter

    This adapter is plugged into a simple wall outlet. It is linked to the game console and supplies power to it (the Move then Play smart plug bridges the gap between the wall outlet and the console).


    Current gaming time tracking on the app screen

    When the gamer is playing, the remaining time is displayed on the app screen. Alerts can be sent to family members to notify them that gaming is in progress.


    Automatic updates in the Move then Play app

    The gamer stops the game and his gaming time is automatically updated in the app since the adapter communicates with the app.


    Alert sent to the application that the game has not stopped

    If the gamer is focused (or so invested in the game that he forgets the time and fails to stop the activity), the Move then Play adapter sends an alert to the app. The adapter then cuts the power supply to the console automatically.


    Reset of playing time

    In both cases, the player will not be able to restart the console until the specified pause time has elapsed. Of course, in order to restart the console, the player must still have some game time left in Move then Play.

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